How to create a climate action mural: Meet art prize winner, Julia de Korab Skulska

Julia de Korab Skulska, a second year biology student at Imperial, was one of the winners of the Grantham Institute…

The knock-on impacts of the climate crisis on Kenyans

Increased temperature and sea-level rises are just two of the well-known impacts of climate change on countries like Kenya, however there are several less well-known knock-on effects, such as the increased risk of ‘jiggers’ and decreased tourism that need to be discussed and mitigated in order to ensure a resilient society. 

Turning climate commitments into climate action – are lawsuits the answer?

Siobhán Stack-Maddox considers what legal action involving states means in the context of net zero carbon pledges and commitments to reduce emissions.

Arctic climate change: An Indigenous perspective

Martina Beshparova, an Imperial student studying MSc Climate Change, Management and Finance , discusses the socio-economic implications of rising temperatures…

Why Black Lives Matter for the Grantham Institute, climate change and the environment

On 2 June, the Grantham Institute endorsed a statement made by Imperial College London on Twitter, supporting the Black staff, students, alumni and others in our community. The statement was made during global protests at the death of a Black man, George Floyd, in police custody in Minneapolis in the United States. We stand, alongside Imperial, in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and its aims to end racism and violence against Black people everywhere.

Antarctica at 200: why the ‘climate decade’ must secure the future for Antarctica

Following an Imperial Lates event focused on what the future may hold for Antarctica, Richard Knight, former student on Imperial’s MSc Environmental Technology course, blogs on how vulnerable the continent…

Salt marshes or sea walls? Preventing coastal flooding in the UK

Nick Reynard, Lizzie Ellison and Amy Wilson, Research Postgraduates on the Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet DTP, consider…