Spreading like wildfire; the double-threat of changing landscapes and climate

Wildfire is the single greatest terrestrial disturbance agent on Earth. Satellite data suggest that in an average year, wildfires burn a total area of around 3.5 million km2, an area around 15 times larger than the UK. While some of these fires are purposefully controlled or are manageable, and can have benefits for ecosystems and livelihoods, other fires burn uncontrollably, with sometimes devastating consequences for safety, livelihoods, wildlife and climate.

The pitfalls of hydroelectric power in drought-prone Africa

Alvaro Lara, former student on the MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance programme, considers Africa’s reliance on hydroelectric power, the impact of…

Forget about power lines, Pay-As-You-Go is transforming Africa’s energy landscape

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Rwanda – the cleantech Silicon Valley of Africa?

Grantham PhD student Oliver Schmidt visited Africa to see two start-ups from Imperial College London that are trying to make the case for low-carbon ‘cleantech’ business in Africa, and compared them to a third operating across the continent.