Getting under the skin of EV charging

Urban Electric’s retractable EV charging technology is enabling more people to be part of the electrification journey. Undaunted’s reporter, Franca…

Línte na Farraige: Shedding light on rising seas, and what it means for us

For the past two years, Jamie Mathews, an Imperial PhD candidate funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program, has been…

Climate Launchpad: From inspired ideas to ground-breaking, planet-saving innovations

Naveed Chaudhry, Accelerator Lead at the Centre for Climate Change Innovation (Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment), introduces…

Direct air capture: could this new technology save us from climate change?

FEATURE: A promising technology that sucks carbon dioxide from the air could help, but not replace, climate action, say experts. Simon Levey explores what is Direct Air Capture and what are the chances of it taking off in time to help avert the climate crisis.

Don’t blame plastic, blame poor waste management

Grantham Affiliate Chris Cheeseman, Professor of Materials Resources Engineering at Imperial College London, considers what’s behind the plastic pollution crisis,…

Is climate change above ‘post-truth’?

In this opinion piece, Luke Bevan discusses the modern ethical challenges of communicating climate change science to the general public.

Rwanda – the cleantech Silicon Valley of Africa?

Grantham PhD student Oliver Schmidt visited Africa to see two start-ups from Imperial College London that are trying to make the case for low-carbon ‘cleantech’ business in Africa, and compared them to a third operating across the continent.

The importance of being optimistic – Christiana Figueres leads the charge to limit global warming to 1.5°C

Dr Alex Howe, writes about the launch of a new campaign to turn words into actions on climate change, and in six global revolutions that must take place before 2020.

The similarities between our energy outlook and BP’s will surprise you

New analysis foreshadows a dwindling demand for fossil fuels, but what will the oil companies make of the future? Grantham Institute Director of Policy and Translation, Alyssa Gilbert, looked into her crystal ball to find out.