LGBT+ History Month: Celebrating diversity in the climate community – Robin Lamboll

In this series we shine a light on some of the talented members of the LGBT+ community working or studying in climate change and environment.

Dr Robin Lamboll, research associate in climate science and policy at the Grantham Institute (they/he/she)

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Being brought up on a small farm, I’ve always been surrounded by wildlife and understood the importance of sustainability.

Tell me a sentence about yourself.

I’m a physicist who likes words, poetry and baking.

What do you do (at Imperial)?

I mostly work as a data scientist on pollution emissions data although I occasionally make computational models of solar cells or of how the economy depends on our emissions.

What first made you care about climate change / environment?

Being brought up on a small farm, I’ve always been surrounded by wildlife and understood the importance of sustainability.

What is your pet environment peeve?

People not recycling their cans. The energy saved is huge!

What were you doing before you came to Imperial?

I worked as a mathematical consultant, writing code for whoever wants it. It’s not really that different to what I do now.

What is your favourite thing about working at Imperial?

The freedom to research things that matter.

What could be better about working at Imperial?

There is surprisingly little interdepartmental cross-pollination, even between departments with strong overlaps.

Tell us about an LGBT+ figure you admire (current or historical)?

Alan Turing – as well as drafting the architecture behind how computers work and fighting fascism with maths, he came up with a reaction-diffusion model for how animals get spots and stripes that turns out to explain how hair follicles form!

Follow Robin on Twitter: @RobinLamboll

For more information about the LGBT+ community at Imperial see Imperial600, the LGBT+ staff network and IQ, LGBT+ student society. See past and future events run by Imperial600.

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