California just signed a climate change agreement with Scotland, here are 5 things the UK can learn from the Golden State

While one is a state within the United States of America and the other a sovereign country or state made up of four “sub” countries, Clea Colster suggests that the UK could learn from California’s environmental policies.

Financing the future through responsible investment

Nick Spooner and Sarah Clements, Grantham Institute and Imperial College Business School Master’s students studying Climate Change, Management and Finance, dive into the question of responsible financial investments, and ask whether it’s time to make some changes?

Brexit, and an uncertain road for the European Emissions Trading Scheme

On the day Theresa May officially triggers Article 50 and begins the Brexit process, Grantham Institute writes about the value of a European scheme that aims to limit and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from more than 12,000 power and manufacturing plants in 31 countries, which together account for around 45% of the EU’s total emissions.