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Our aim is to create a safe space by student for students, where sustainability concepts can be explored, clarified, and discussed in an informal manner while keeping a great quality of arguments and facts brought by external speakers. 

This is an Imperial MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance students’ platform to engage in conversations linked to our responsibilities and day-to-day topics. This year, we will be hosting a series of weekly panels, discussions and debates, with specialists and concerned humans alike. 

The team

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Celia De Gracia

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Felix Rescourio

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Ferdinand Agu
Chemical Engineering IC 2020

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Sucheng Tung
Chemical & Nuclear Engineering IC 2020

Past events

Implication of the US election on climate change

Implications of the US election on climate change with Professor Charles Donovan. Break out rooms discussing our views on Biden’s energy plans, how difficult it will be to overcome Trump’s damage to US environmental policies, relationship between government/environmental action and how it could be de-correlated so that policies do not change every 4 years.

Behavioural choices

Are we eating too much meat? Does it really make a difference if we have the lights on 24/7? Could we make that next holiday we all so desperately need environment friendly? Dr Neil Jennings, Partnership Development Manager at the Grantham Institute – Climate Change and the Environment, to discuss all these and more as we bring you session two of Imperial Climate X Change.

Carbon capture and storage part one

Our climate is changing rapidly due to the continued emissions of carbon dioxide from various human activities. At this point, the option to continue emitting greenhouse gases in this way is simply dangerous. But how do we “STOP”? The solution – carbon capture & storage (CCS). Imperial Climate X Change welcomes Professor Paul Fennell from the chemical engineering department of Imperial College, as he discusses the potential of this crucial technology together with its limitations.

Carbon capture and storage part two

Ever wondered what a Carbon Capture Plant looks like? How engineers prevent chaos from the control room? Now is your chance to find out, as Imperial Climate X Change brings you CCS Episode 2: A virtual tour around Imperial’s carbon capture plant.

Carbon storage

Over the past weeks, we have learned about Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in industry and the role of this technology in mitigating warming to below pre-determined levels.


 1) what happens when the carbon dioxide is captured?  
2) Are we able to store it forever?  
3) Can we store all the CO2 we produce?  
4) Is there any risk of copious amounts of CO2 leaking from storage?  

Imperial Climate X Change welcomes Dr Branko Bijeljic, a lecturer in the Earth Science & Engineering department at Imperial college. He specializes in subsurface carbon storage, contamination transport, and improved oil recovery. He shall discuss the storage aspect of CCS in an understandable way, catering for all backgrounds.

Clean energy: Rare metals

Imperial Climate X Change brings the Clean Energy series. Episode 1: Rare metals, the dark side of clean energy and digital technologies As we all come to realise, life is not always black and white, it’s a (some say 50) million shades of grey. Renewables still play a huge role in decarbonising. But it is also highly important to understand the lifecycle of energy production, and its negative consequences. Imperial Climate X Change welcomes Guillaume Pitron, award winning journalist and documentary-maker, as he talks about the hidden dark side of clean energy and digital technology.

Clean energy: Renewable energy

We are excited to welcome Assaad Razzouk, a Lebanese-British clean energy entrepreneur, podcaster and commentator based in Singapore. He is the Chairman and CEO of Sindicatum Renewable Energy, focused on renewable energy in Asia. He is also CEO of the Reneum Institute, a  not-for-profit digitising and democratising renewable energy. In this talk Razzouk tells us more about rare metals and all its implications. He will try to counterbalance Guillaume Pitron’s vision (episode one of the clean energy series) and give us more depth and a clear horizon of the industry.

Nature investing

What is nature investing? How can we put a price on nature? What is a reef credit? Hear from Martin Berg, Head of Natural Capital Impact Strategy at HSBC Pollination Climate Asset Management.

Upcoming events

Harnessing AI for sustainability
3-4pm Friday 14 May 2021

Can AI save the planet?

We live in a world with ever growing artificial intelligence; with bespoke applications across many industries, AI seems to be our new reality. Although some believe the rise of AI could be detrimental to humanity; our speaker for this session thinks otherwise.

Imperial Climate X Change welcomes Mr Benjamin Combes, who is a Visiting Senior Fellow lecturer at the Grantham Institute at London School of Economics and Political Science and former assistant director of sustainability and climate change at PwC. He shall discuss his experience in the field, together with the opportunities and limitations of harnessing AI for sustainability within industries.

This event will take place on Zoom

Link: pwd=MWczQjlWOWlOQ3R2T21QMk5Kc0haUT09


Coming soon.

Sustainable lifestyle guide


Below is an interactive map prepared by Imperial Climate X Change which features supermarkets, pubs and restaurants with sustainable features. For technical reasons, the map here does not display in full. The full version is available here.

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