Grantham wish list 2016– our hopes for the year ahead

2016 beachLast year ended on a high with a global climate deal agreed at the UN climate change conference in Paris (COP21). As a new year begins, the Grantham Institute team share their wishes for 2016.

“I wish to see the countries that agreed to the climate deal in Paris producing realistic plans for the emissions reductions they pledged in their INDCs.”
– Prof Sir Brian Hoskins, Chair

“I hope that in 2016 the UK government will build on its world-leading introduction of the Climate Change Act by producing a clear plan of support for low-carbon energy on the timescales needed to implement it.”
Prof Jo Haigh, Co-director

“2016 marks the start of the post-COP21 discussions. I hope it will bring greater awareness of the roles of industry, business and innovation in tackling carbon dioxide emissions. I also hope we will see our research councils act as one on this major issue.”
– Prof Martin Siegert, Co-director

“I wish that I didn’t have to hope that Amur leopards, black and white rhinos and Kroombit tinker frogs survive 2016!”
– Dr Kris Murray, Grantham Lecturer

“I hope that Britain stays in the EU, for a  whole load of reasons including the fact that they drive some vital environmental policies that are more powerfully done as a bloc. On a personal note, I hope I get to go the Formula E race in London in the summer to cheer for fast, cool electric cars!”
Alyssa Gilbert, Head of Policy and Translation

“My hope for 2016 is that the UK government will make its Paris commitments to combatting climate change real by injecting pace and realism into our transition to a resilient low carbon economy.”
– Prof Richard Templer, Director of Innovation

“I hope that we find a way to clean up the plastic pollution choking our oceans.” 
– Dr Erik van Sebille, Grantham Lecturer

“I hope that 2016 sees a further year of declining carbon dioxide emissions, as countries get more energy efficient and less carbon-intensive. And I hope we see the costs of key technologies like batteries, solar panels and wind turbines continue to fall.”
– Ajay Gambhir, Senior Research Fellow

“My wish is that China’s new Five Year Plan will rebalance the economy away from coal and bring forward the peaking of China’s carbon dioxide emissions.” 
– Neil Hirst, Senior Policy Fellow

“I hope that many countries introduce a carbon tax or carbon markets in the coming year.” 
– Dr Mirabelle Muûls, Grantham Lecturer

“I hope that in 2016 we can build on the recognition of the urgency of the climate challenge emerging from the Paris agreement, and that consistent policy support can help to enable a rapid transition to an efficient low-carbon energy system.”
– Dr Sheridan Few, Research Associate







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    Any one knows how Mass govt Invested their funds in fossil fuel companies and whst can bdcdone

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