Why I support the #EarthStatement

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Earlier this year, the Earth League, a consortium of 17 world-leading scientists, drew up a wish list of the essential elements that should lie at the heart of the global climate deal to be agreed at the Paris 2015 UN Climate Conference (COP 21).

Professor Sir Brian Hoskins, member of the Earth League and Chair of the Grantham Institute, explains why he backs the Earth League Statement.

I like the Earth League Statement as it simply, but accurately, summarises the developing problem of climate change and what the countries of the world can and must do to limit it. It is great that so many high profile people in all walks of life are supporting it. Hopefully such a galaxy of supporters will trigger interest in some people who have not really thought about the issue before, or thought it had anything to do with them.

It can be frustrating when the simple messages about climate change become obscured. I want my grandchildren to live their lives in a world in which the climate of the Earth is such that they and the natural world around them can flourish. I want the climate to provide the dependable rock on which the poorer countries of the world can build their development.  I am sure that most people would go along with me on this. The climate system won’t wait for us to do what we want to now and then pay it some attention later. It needs our full attention now!

Fortunately, it seems that the attention of the world is now starting to be really focussed on the climate issue on the run-up to the big meeting in Paris in a month’s time. There is a positive feel about the discussions that has not been there before. The countries of the world are giving their pledges for their greenhouse gas emission reductions. They aren’t enough, but this is not the end. Another part of the on-going discussion is how to keep the pressure on after Paris and get countries later on to volunteer to reduce their emissions even further.

I think we can get there!

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