How to protect the ocean – conservation, climate change and calling on world leaders

8 June is World Ocean Day, which supports collaborative conservation and the sharing of knowledge and actionable resources about the ocean. Ceri Webster, research postgraduate student at Imperial College London and the Zoological Society London studying how to measure biodiversity in the ocean, discusses ocean biodiversity decline, climate change and how to best protect the ocean.

Colt following: Project Pegasus to kick UK emissions into the last century by leaning on horsepower

Grantham Institute’s Lottie Butler dons her jodhpurs as the government is onto a winner with its latest low-carbon transport innovation, inspired by nineteenth century…

Celebrating London’s cleantech women innovators

Grantham Institute is celebrating International Women’s Day 2021 and Women at Imperial Week by showcasing successful innovators and their work as part of London’s cleantech community….